Rachel Mascari

Intuitive Photographer

As a teenager living in Central America, one of my daydreams was to show my enchantment with the world through my lens, channeling my love for the arts in the images I create. I am a classical singer, dancer, and time traveler, creating timeless images of the enchanting epochs in women's lives.

I love being with people, hearing about their struggles and joys, and most all, what brings them creative freedom. Through ethereal images of you in your element, I want to hand back the gift of the beauty I see in your soul, so that you can always remember the essence of who you are.

More About Me

I have a deep need to witness and create beauty.

I don't feel truly myself until I have stepped out into nature.

I know the lyrics to every song in the Sound of Music and can sing them on command.

Everyone should experience the rush of jumping into a river.

Tolkein and Tolstoy are among my favorite authors.

I believe in the miracle of a new dawn.

Childhood is an enchantment I hope never to recover from.

A day without song is a day lost.

There is wisdom is a story well told.

I believe pregnant women are pure magic and a miracle unfolding.